Why Us

This is a platform where you get the true and out of the box, features and which will allow its users to get the most from it.


Dedicated program manager to handle it all

As soon as you register on TrueHyre, a program manager is assigned to you who takes complete responsibility for the design, execution, and testing of the whole project. program manager provides a direction to the project to ensure that at every phase of the project a proper analysis can be done by the user.

The first step by PM is to estimate the time, human and capital resources, and steps needed. Subsequently, PM forms the teams to carry out the tasks - and leads them towards the project completion.


No freelancers involved

TrueHyre doesn’t hire freelancers. This eliminates all the possibilities that can lead to failure of the project. We understand the seriousness and importance of your project and does not want you to be left in the middle of any situation without the completion of their project.

TrueHyre connects you to the best companies in your space instead of freelancers that in turn builds confidence. A background check is also done on the associated companies to ensure if they have the right skill set for the project or not.


Trusted and Verified Companies

We connect you with the best available companies for completion of your project. For that, we make sure that they are capable of the required infrastructure; workforce and skill build, by visiting them.

In addition, we go through the company’s registration date, company registration place, business activities and Company status. This helps us to execute the project plan smoothly, without any delay in delivering it to you.


Ease in Communication

At TrueHyre, the communication between all the team members, program manager, and the user is extremely flexible and easy. The user can easily keep a check on his work for how it is done, whether it is being done on a right pace or not. The user doesn’t even have to connect to the team members at the first place, all the communications are managed by the program manager giving the user relief from all the stress.


24x7 Process Tracking

It’s extremely easy to connect with your program manager to discuss ideas or just to provide your inputs. You can contact your program manager via chat (text)/call anytime. You can also keep track of various tasks and their progress details via an online timesheet accessible to you through your TrueHyre account.

We provide you with a tracking system to track the progress of the project every minute using an online timesheet. You can log in into your TrueHyre account and check the work progress anytime, anywhere.


Hassle-free delivery of your work

You can revisit your project building strategies anytime and discuss various aspects of your project for example, like rescheduling your project completion date, your marketing strategies, your financial resources etc. Your project would be divided into various sub-modules and sub-tasks so that you are able to control and monitor each module. With your inputs, PM will be able to provide the best quality work on time. The process is transparent and time-saving making it easier for the user to receive end product without any stress.


Quality Assurance

TrueHyre values your trust and providing our users with quality work is our number one priority. The program manager takes the responsibility to get all Project plan executions done smoothly, until its completion assuring you of the best quality. If absence of any team member or unproductive member is found, quick and appropriate replacements are done to provide hassle-free and on-time delivery of the project. Your satisfaction is our utmost concern.

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