How it Works

By registering yourselves on TrueHyre, you are free from the hurdles of using and implementing it.
Here are few easy steps that will guide your way from registering to using it.

Get Appointed with a Dedicated program manager

An efficient Team to Administer Your Tasks

At TrueHyre, we personally go through our talent pool and pre-screen the best options available according to your requirements.

After complete submission and authentication, a dedicated program manager is assigned, who oversees the execution and completion of the respective tasks. With a dedicated PM, you receive:

  • A stronger team
  • Quality Driven & Dynamic Approach
  • Quick mitigation of issues

Planning and Execution

Strategizing Operations for the Project

At this stage, a smart project plan is created for your approval. This plan once approved, becomes the basis of the design, development, and testing.

With Truehyre, it is viable to discuss various aspects of projects such as:

  • Scheduling tasks
  • Marketing strategies
  • Financial resources

Timesheet Subsistence

Handling efficient communication

A Timesheet would be maintained by the team for all the tasks and it will be available online for quick and easy access. The project plan would be divided into modules, tasks, and subtasks and to substantiate them, this Timesheet could be used.

With Timesheet, you can:

  • Check your work progress anytime from anywhere
  • Discuss various perspectives
  • Receive data of all the hours dedicated to the project

Billing and Invoicing

Transparency in Billing

TrueHyre provisions fixed price with no issues of negotiation and arbitration. If an absence of team member or an unproductive member is found, quick and appropriate replacements are done.

Professional invoices are created in seconds, with the support for any free-form line items.

  • Seamless on-billing of timesheets & expenses
  • Release the payment after full satisfaction
  • Best value of the price is provided

Powerful Reporting

Analytics for better Management

Stay on top of your business with interactive reports and metrics from TrueHyre. These analytics help you in better management of your human resources.

Our powerful Reporting utilization method attempts to maximize the efficiency of your company's employees and,

  • Help you quickly make the right decisions
  • Receive timely and targeted information
  • Maintain standard and quality
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