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TrueHyre, a comprehensive project execution and delivery tool launched with the aim to transform the traditional staffing structure and eliminate the risk of incomplete work possessed by hiring freelancers..   


November 20, 2018, Fremont, CA -  Truehyre, a streaming platform for efficient project execution and delivery was launched yesterday to bring about a change in the industry of project outsourcing. TrueHyre is a game changer in the arena of project execution and delivery management. With improved technological innovations and growing demand for service sophistication, TrueHyre will explore the wide range of opportunities available in the market.


  • Hassle free Project Execution and Delivery
  • One Click Setup to get started
  • Only Verified Project Managers and Developers available
  • No Middlemen or Hidden Costs involved
  • 24*7 availability of Project Manager based on Customer Time Zone

Notably, a number of companies worldwide, resort to online platforms to hire flexible, temporary workforce to get work done at a faster rate without deploying many resources. Well, to keep up with this trend and simultaneously innovating the market space, TrueHyre came to existence. TrueHyre is basically a process-oriented and time-saving tool that makes all the procedures of Project Execution transparent and well documented from the start till the  end.

"Here we have introduced our innovative tool to the digital world with a goal to bring a workforce transformation. While numerous companies are competing to provide a freelance talent pool for various project needs, Truehyre aims to simplify this workforce Model by providing hassle- free project execution and delivery done by verified companies. With Truehyre, we are eliminating the need to hire freelancers and providing you the assistance of a dedicated Project Manager for agile and transparent project delivery.” said, Jamie Chan, Spokesperson, TrueHyre.

She further added, “While adoption of freelancer services is on the rise, it always carries a risk of mismanagement of projects and lacks internal support. TrueHyre will oust this and many more such uncertainties by appointing only the verified companies for the project development. With this powerful game changer that we have introduced, we aim to lead the way and transform the workforce management. “

Using TrueHyre is as simple as anything can get. Customers don’t need to post their requirements online or interview the candidates to get their work done anymore. They just have to register themselves on the portal where a Project Manager will be assigned to them. There on Project Manager will solely be responsible for successful completion of every aspect of your project. From the creation of Project Plan to appointing appropriate talent and to the final delivery of the project, everything is taken care by the Project Manager for no additional cost involved.

As TrueHyre doesn’t hire freelancers, it eliminates all the possibilities that could lead to failure of the project. TrueHyre offers a tracking system to track project progress using an online timesheet, maintained to monitor the work done by the assigned team for different tasks. TrueHyre is an ingenious platform that is automated to provide best of the IT and Marketing Services. This Flexible platform provides quality assurance without any hidden costs involved. With TrueHyre makers expect a positive and qualitative change in the industry.

For More Information or Enquiries: support@truehyre.com contact@truehyre. For the latest news alerts for TrueHyre, sign up at www.truehyre.com Follow TrueHyre @https://bit.ly/2BFfnry


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