TrueHyre Launches Its Company Module





After successfully launching TrueHyre in 2018, the company has now launched its Company Module, an addition to the existing platform but aimed to provide Companies an outsourced project management platform..  

January 15, 2019, Fremont, CA - TrueHyre has introduced a new addition, “Company Module” to its comprehensive Project Management Platform. This new module aims to offer simple subscription plans for companies who want to use TrueHyre as their own platform for fulfilling the needs of resource allocation, planning, execution and delivery of their own and their clients.

It is a one-stop platform for companies looking for better project management resources or for fulfilling project management needs of their own and their clients. Companies can now subscribe to TrueHyre’s specially curated plans and subsequently enlist its own developers and program managers on the platform. This will basically allow them to use TrueHyre as their own platform and customize it according to their needs. At any point, if the company face hassles in getting required workforce then they can then hire TrueHyre certified developers by paying an extra amount. Furthermore, TrueHyre’s extensive feature set that is offered for the individual users will be available for the subscribed companies.

“We believe this new addition of the company module to the platform will create value for both TrueHyre and its clients.  We are confident that the subscriptions we are offering and the opportunity for the growth of a stronger, combined company are compelling for our clientele. Together, we can unleash synergies between teams, assets, and geographies by forming a combined platform that will accelerate our growth.” said, Jamie Chan, Spokesperson, TrueHyre.

She further added, “TrueHyre team firmly believes that this path-breaking idea would help a plethora of Companies who are constantly on a lookout to better opportunities in the project management domain. The best part of our company module is that we are addressing the needs through smart technology intervention that too at an affordable price point. We are happy and focused to outsource our platform to the companies while embarking on a journey of innovation.”

TrueHyre Company Module is perfect for every company of every domain. It makes invoicing clients, getting credible workforce, communicating with clients, project management, and project delivery a reliable and simple affair. Being transparent and documented, TrueHyre is apt for building strong association between companies wherein all hassles are taken care by TrueHyre in turn giving a seamless experience.   

About TrueHyre

TrueHyre is a game changer in the arena of project execution and delivery management. With improved technological innovations and growing demand for service sophistication, TrueHyre explores a wide range of opportunities available in the market. Notably, a number of companies worldwide, resort to online platforms to hire a flexible, temporary workforce to get work done at a faster rate without deploying many resources. Well, to keep up with this trend and simultaneously innovating the market space, TrueHyre came to existence. TrueHyre is basically a process-oriented and time-saving tool that makes all the procedures of Project Execution transparent and well documented from the start till the end.





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